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It does not matter whether The7 Accordion | Tab or the Visual Composer Accordion | Tab functions are used both of them hide the content and Google cannot crawl it! 

This is a very serious search engine optimisation problem with The7 Theme and the Visual Composer Plug In.

I have purchased 4 licenses for client sites using The7 Theme.

I need to have a fair amount of text and images on the home page of the sites I build for search engine optimisation reasons, but need to hide it to keep the site looking clean and stylish – which is what that tabs and accordions are designed to do.

And all the content in accordions on the home page is not being indexed by Google and therefore a negative effect on Search Engine Optimisation – my client’s sites are not ranking as high they should because Google cannot see relevant H1, H2, H3 meta tags, image alt-tags & keyword density.

I want to keep using your The7 Theme because I think it is really good.

But I cannot do so in future if this problem cannot be fixed, it would not be fair for my clients.

Can you fix this please?

One Of My The7 Theme Sites



Another Theme I Use

This shows the content underneath all tabs and accordions when Javascript is turned off.

This means that Google can crawl and index this content – VERY IMPORTANT!

I have tested this on several of my clients sites.